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CONSUMER MUSIC – Great Store & More

Hey all my bay area friends. Check out Consumer Music in Vallejo. We’ve done a lot of workshops there, and will probably do another one now that the new book is on its way (Triad Magic – An introduction to Guitar Chord Theory). They’re great people, and they have a really cool stage for performances…

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Marcus Miller Plays “Teen Town”

Just ran across this video of Marcus Miller doing Teen Town. It’s really a cool tribute to Jaco. He nails all the main parts note-for-note, but with his slapping style. Jaco will always be my favorite, but this is a cool rendition. The band is pretty tight too. Jennings Publishing Music in a Nutshell -…

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For beginners! Or even sideliners? Grab a guitar. Here’s an excerpt from my book, “Guitar 1 — Start Out Jammin’.” Today would be a great day to dust off your guitar and have some fun! Here is the pdf file for the text that goes with this beginner guitar video Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’…

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Eric Clapton Autobiography

I just got done reading Eric Clapton’s autobiography a couple of weeks ago. It spoke to me because nothing really ever seemed to satisfy him musically. He was always in search of this sort of purity, and that led him through several projects, each becoming well known in its own right. It was cool reliving…

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Blues-e-News April Column by Jerry Jennings

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This is my April column as it appears in Session Work: 3 Important Things to Consider I’ve often hired people to lay tracks for me on various projects. And sometimes I’ve been the hire-ee in other studios. So I have developed some opinions that I felt like writing down, and I hope you’ll enjoy…

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The Rhythmic Grid – Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’

Beginner Guitar Book and DVD

In teaching people strum patterns, the main obstacle I run across is to get out of what I call the “shopping list” mode. I’ll come back to that idea in a second. A lot of beginner books will show “down” and “up” strums for the basic patterns, but somehow manage not to communicate the rhythmic…

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The Missing Ingredient – Lead Guitar Playing

I started playing guitar in 67, when I was 12. I was steeped in the styles of Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Farner, Blackmore… Later, during the 80s, another generation of guitarists emerged that took the guitar to another level. I was never really sold on the athletic aspect of those players as much as the “feel”…

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What led me to write “The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading”

I just watched a video by Steve Vai, that took me on a trip down memory lane. Vai had gotten his first high profile gig with Zappa after he had successfully transcribed a bunch of Zappa’s twisted melody lines (or so goes the story I heard). In this video, you can see that Vai has…

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