Triad Magic – An Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory

Triad Magic - Learn Guitar Theory using Triads, Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

~ Guitar Theory Using Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

~ Understanding Triads | Chord Theory

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Take an exciting journey that will help you understand the chords you play. Guitar theory will also improve your lead playing, as the guitar scales you use are directly related to triad shapes you’ll be working with.

*  Fastest way to understand how basic guitar chords work

*  Learn several ways to play any song using guitar theory

*  Access to online video guitar instruction demonstrations

*  Learn to use guitar scales and arpeggios in a song

*  Gain a better knowledge of the guitar neck

Triad Magic is an introduction to guitar theory using triads, with diagrams and access to online videos. You will learn how basic chords are constructed from guitar scales, laying the groundwork to understanding more complex chords.

By the end of the book, you won’t play the chords in a song because a diagram says that’s what the chord looks like. By learning guitar theory with the focus on triads, you’ll be able to construct whichever chord forms you think are necessary for a song, based on what the other players in the band are already playing and where you want to fit into that sound. And when you learn the parts of an existing song, by one of your favorite artists, you will have a better understanding of how they constructed the parts.

Your guitar solos will also be likely to improve as well, because you will have a greater awareness of how the lead patterns lay over the chord patterns along the neck. Guitar Theory . .  Triad Magic, with its emphasis on mastering triads . . .Chord theory with guitar scales and arpeggios . . . Pure madness!

Triad Magic | Guitar Theory Sample Video

Here I explain just what a triad is. We will extract a triad from a G major scale on guitar. We’ll also explore the four different types of triads – major, minor, diminished, and augmented.

Triad Magic TOC – Guitar Theory Using Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

Lesson 1 – Introducing Scales and Triads | Guitar Scales

Lesson 2 – Triad Inversions | Triad Shapes on Three Strings

Lesson 3 – Contrary Motion | Taking Control of Triads

Lesson 4 – A Look at Keys & Intervals | Solving Mysteries Regarding Key Signatures

Lesson 5 – Minor Triads | Comparing Major & Minor Triads

Lesson 6 – Progressions using I, IV, & V | Primary Chords

Lesson 7 – Another Common Progression | vi – IV – I – V Progression

Lesson 8 – Suspended Chords | More Triads – sus4 & sus2

Lesson 9 – Harmonizing Scales with Triads | Key Signatures & Guitar Scales

Lesson 10 – Four Types of Triads Reviewed | Theory Moment

Lesson 11 – Triad Summary | Root Position, 1st Inversion, 2nd Inversion

Lesson 12 – Triads on Strings 1, 2, & 3 | Expanding Into a New Stringset

Lesson 13 – Triads on Strings 3, 4, & 5 | Guitar Scales

Lesson 14 – Final Thoughts

….Harmonizing Other Scales | Harmonic Minor & Melodic Minor

….Triads on Fewer Strings

….Triads Found in 7th Chords

….Slash Chords—A Triad Played Over a Bass Note

….Sample Song—North Country Town

Appendix 1 – Chords | Diagrams of Common Triads

Appendix 2 – Chord Spellings | Spelling of Different Triads

Appendix 3 – Key Signatures

Appendix 4 – Circle of 5ths