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Roger Smith of Tower of Power

Tower of Power’s Keyboardist – Roger Smith

“I work with a lot of different guitarists, and some are great readers. But many are not. For the non-readers, having my friend Jerry Jennings’s book around makes it a lot easier. After they’ve spent just a few days with The Guitarist Link to Sight Reading, they begin to understand my charts better.”

Richard Smith - USC Faculty / Studio Jazz Department

Richard Smith – USC Faculty Studio Jazz Department

“The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading is a true stepping stone toward studio guitar literacy.”

Vic Trigger - Guitar Activity Center

Vic Trigger – Senior Faculty Member – GIT
Guitar Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA

“Jerry has brought together musicality and sight reading in a way befitting today’s guitarist.”

Jerry: I had the privilege to talk to you and wife over the phone. I wanted to get the book you have on sight reading, when I called I thought I would get connected to a service center over seas or something instead I was able to talk to you and your wife, that was really cool. I have to tell you Jerry I’m 47 years old and I have a strong desire to learn to play the guitar. For the last two years I have bought book’s, CD’s, and DVD’s,and I have taken some lessons from a college music instructor. This past Friday I picked up your Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’ book/dvd and Classic Rock Rudiments for Lead Guitar book/dvd set. I put the DVD in and was blown away this is just what I have been looking for.You took me straight into cords and strumming. I’m someone who is trying to learn to play and have seen a lot of different systems of books and DVD sets this by far is the best that I have seen. Thank you Jerry so much for sharing your gift of music, consider me one of your students.-Michael Seyfang“My kids love your books, Start Out Jammin’ and Classic Rock Rudiments for Lead Guitar. These books teach the students in a clear and easy to follow way. They not only understood the material, but the books along with the DVD’s really encouraged my kids to follow along and keep up with what Jerry was playing. That way they got faster and better. Thank you for such a successful product that was affordable, fun and worked!”-Susan in California“I just went to your website from the DVD Easy Classic Rock Licks. My husband got me an electric guitar for Valentines and I have to say it is so different from playing my classical that I was lost on it, even a little stressed. Your DVD has made all the difference. I can play some fun little lead parts now and am starting to get the hang of it. I like the very clear instructions and the mellow attitude. This is fun.I can’t wait to check out the other products on the website.”-Sage“Hi Jerry. I spent a few hours working through both Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’ and Classic Rock Rudiments for Lead Guitar books/DVD in the last couple of days. I really enjoyed the tunes and the DVD in Guitar 1. I really like the repeats – a lot of books have good tunes but the tracks don’t last very long & it is annoying to constantly have to hit replay & wait for a click or an intro again. I enjoyed seeing different kids playing along with the tracks. Classic Rock Rudiments has a lot of super material. Very well explained and demonstrated on the DVD. For the non-guitarist classroom teacher this has terrific material for them to learn before teaching the kids & the video demos really help. I love the “Groove” concept and would love to see more of those – I really liked the idea of shifting them to different tonal centres in the repetitions. They are short enough to allow the kids to master and gain confidence. I would really dig a whole book of these types of things in various styles & tempos. I am a big believer in using as many different materials as I can get my hands on. I would not hesitate to add a class set of these books to put into rotation with my classes. I enjoyed your stuff & will be sure to use it in Teaching Guitar Workshop this summer.”-Bob Denney, Canadian Representative for Teaching Guitar Workshop / Clinician“I spoke with you at the Modesto Conference and bought the Guitar 1 book for my boys (10,12,15). I’m the one with the seven children (6-boys, 1-girl). My sister had picked up a guitar ($5) at a garage sale, and when I brought this book home- they haven’t stopped playing it. Your book/DVD are great! Do you know any wonderful places to get guitars as the neck on the one we have is very wide. We have checked ebay and craigslist – but aren’t sure of the deals. Thanks for doing what you do – if you’re ever in Morgan Hill country – my kids would love to meet you all and I’d love to serve you a meal.”Thanks, Kathy Hunter“Thank you for the follow up, I ‘m really enjoying the Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’ lessons and the DVD. I’ll certainly be contacting you for other lessons once I complete this one.”Sincerely, Tony Cota“When I first watched the Classis Rock Rudiments for Lead Guitar video, I couldn’t believe I would soon be playing some the different lead lines that seem so easy to me now.”-Martin Hoff“Thank you for the new book/DVD on sight reading.Wish I could set and study with you in a studio setting that would be cool. But I’m a very slow learner so the DVD is a life saver. Again as I said before I love your format and works well with me .”Thanks again, Michael“Just wanted to let you know what a great job you’ve done with “The Guitarist’s Link To Sight Reading”. I teach fifty guitar students a week at Everything Guitar in Redlands, California. Many of my students come from a rock or blues background, others are self taught from TABs. Your method gives these students a great way to get to the meat and potatoes of sight reading. The guitar publishing world is filled with books that begin by teaching open position reading. By beginning in the fifth position, you give the student interested in commercial, pop, or jazz music the skills they need for playing with other musicians (specifically junior high and high school ensembles).”-Rich Arnold, Everything Guitar“The guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading provides the necessary building blocks that connect the beginner or professional guitarist to the real world of performing, song writing, studio sessions, or just jamming. I enjoy using this book in my classes at Sacramento City College as well as in my private instruction at Northridge Music. I have great success in teaching students to read music when they know they can apply the scales, notes, and chords to Rock, Jazz, and Blues. This book has also expanded my reading skills and allows me to read and write compositions. I feel more comfortable reading music across the neck then ever before. It is the missing link for contemporary guitarists who learned to play by ear.-Pat Raney, Sacramento City College Instructor, Private Instructor, GIT Graduate“I really, really like what the dvd (Easy Classic Rock Licks) does, which is to help lock in traditional classic rock licks to build upon.”-Al Levin (Student)“I had some reading background in piano, but was having trouble translating this knowledge to the guitar. The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading helped me start reading staff within weeks.”-Charlie Diamond (16 years old)“Thanks for writing “The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading”. It covers everything in a format that is practical and easy to understand. Practicing for me has always taken discipline, but playing along with the CD has made practicing fun. Thanks for making reading so much easier.”– Bradley N Baer, FICF, LUTCF“On behalf of the membership of the American River Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, we want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to be part of our Panel. This event was a great success and was the talk of the campus amongst the students of music department. Thank you again for contributing your time, talent and expertise to this event.”– Chad Hedrick, AES Chair; Robert Hightower, AES Vice Chair; Glenn Tietjen, AES Treasurer/Secretary “At last, a sight reading book for guitarists that won’t make your students head for the door. A refreshing, no-nonsense approach, which will prove to be a valuable addition to any teacher’s curriculum.”– Schell Barkley, Local Instructor, Sacramento, CA “The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading is a very helpful and easy to understand method for learning to read music. It provides good tunes, at your level, to practice with. Not just boring exercises.”– Ryan Davidek, Guitar Student / CA“I really enjoyed your book. I’ve been playing for a long time, but this book really hit the spot.”– Tim Mathos, Covina, CA“I have received the book and cd. It’s great and simply put. I am a music instructor, and work for a music store where I teach…and sell….The books we get are usually Hal Leonard or Mel Bay….But they are so cheezy, it’s really hard to explain the way music works to the student and all the elements. But Jerry has done a great job of putting it into laymans terms…easy for the student to understand…I’m refering all my students to Jerry’s site…In answer to your questionaire, I play in a local band I’ve put together, along with touring with national recording artists…as a fill in….I play 21 instruments, and most all styles from classical to metal..I have a masters degree in music theory. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am pleased with your product….feel free to post me back anytime..”– Cecil J. West