Learn to Play Guitar – Beginner Guitar Package

Learn to Play Guitar for Beginners

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Complete 32 Week Guitar Instruction Curriculum

Study Guide, Books, Videos, Flash Cards, & Posters

Welcome to our beginner guitar course! Package includes:

* Step-by-Step Study Guide

* Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’ Book & DVD

* Triad Magic Book & Access to Internet

* Easy Classic Rock Licks DVD & Booklet

* Supplemental Booklet

* Posters & Flash Cards

Each week I will point you to different exercises in the books/dvd’s. My intention is for each lesson to complement the other things you’re working on, at the most opportune time. Be sure to use the DVD (or in the case of Triad Magic and Supplemental Book, online videos).

Keep in mind that learning music is a little different than most subjects. There are wide ranges of natural musical ability, dexterity, age, size, playability of your guitar, etc. I wouldn’t focus on speed too much. It’s more about the journey than the destination. So a certain “week” in this plan may take more or less than a week.

In putting this package together, the best I can do is picture average progress rates from the students I’ve work with. Besides the wide range from individual to individual, there is a wide range WITHIN each individual as to which PARTS of the course will come easier. Maybe you have agile fingers, but the logical aspects of music are baffling, such as counting. Or maybe rhythm comes easy for you, but you have a hard time remembering where to put your fingers. All this is to say that, if you have some aspect of a certain week that just seems unattainable, don’t agonize over it too much. You could move ahead in one area and then come back to an earlier week and tighten up the weaker area. Also, things change. Whatever seems to be your weakness in the beginning, may end up being your strength over time. I’m saying this because I don’t want you to get discouraged if something seems to be taking too long. Stay determined!

If siblings are learning guitar, remember that playing together is a GREAT THING! Try to do as much of that as possible. Even if you have a friend or sibling that is playing an instrument other than guitar, as you get a little ways into the program you should be able to play together with them too.

Ok, let’s get started!