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Joe Walsh Cover by Student

Here’s my student Joshua. Of all the things he could choose from to play at his school talent show, he chose Life’s Been Good, which I thought was pretty cool. And not an easy choice. Once the instrumental intro is over they have to stop him because the balance between the guitar and the vocal wasn’t…

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Beginner Guitar Complete Course Review

Jennings Publishing – Beginner Guitar Complete Course – A Review Beginner Guitar Complete Course Jerry Jennings Jennings Publishing 1.916.549.0387 So what do you do when your son develops a serious desire to learn guitar, goes so far as to purchase a guitar with his own money, but you don’t have the extra money yourself…

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Why Music?

Time spent learning music is time well spent. Jennings Publishing Music in a Nutshell – Beginner | Intermediate | Pro Beginner Guitar Package – 32 Week Curriculum Triad Magic – An Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’ – Beginner Guitar Book & DVD Classic Rock Rudiments for Lead Guitar Book &…

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For beginners! Or even sideliners? Grab a guitar. Here’s an excerpt from my book, “Guitar 1 — Start Out Jammin’.” Today would be a great day to dust off your guitar and have some fun! Here is the pdf file for the text that goes with this beginner guitar video Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’…

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The Rhythmic Grid – Guitar 1 Start Out Jammin’

Beginner Guitar Book and DVD

In teaching people strum patterns, the main obstacle I run across is to get out of what I call the “shopping list” mode. I’ll come back to that idea in a second. A lot of beginner books will show “down” and “up” strums for the basic patterns, but somehow manage not to communicate the rhythmic…

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